City Events can supply a wide selection of rides and attractions for your outdoor event, festival and fair. From small to large scale rides and vintage to thrill rides, whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.

Do you need advice on what ride or attraction best suits your event? Simply get in touch with our events team and we’ll assist you as best we can. To make sure everything runs smoothly we have a strict process that covers planning, site surveys, build & break, management/operation and health & safety procedures.

Bringing thrills and excitement to your events. Arguably one of the best reasons for planning an event with us.



City Events organise, manage and deliver a wide range of first class ride attractions and events throughout the UK, creating experiences that last long in the memory.

Depending on the age demographic you wanted, we can provide a family-friendly experience or an exhilarating one. It all depends on what theme you want.

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