Serving tasty hot food to your hungry visitors. Providing mobile catering services with our mouth watering range of street food vans. Let us get those taste buds tingling!

Built up an appetite from enjoying the adrenaline fuelled thrill rides or from dancing the day away at a music festival? Worry not we’ve got you covered. Our specialist food stalls cater a wide range of delicious meals as well as scrumptious snacks.

Cater for

any theme

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your catering needs City Events Provides tasty hot food to sustain those event / festival goers, keeping everyone refreshed and ready for more fun.

Whether it’s fish and chips for the beach theme, hot chocolate for Christmas markets, or crispy samosas for Diwali, we can provide delectable meals for every theme and occasion with both meat and meat free options available.

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